63 Wharf St. Suite 50 Morgantown, WV          (304) 680-2665

Morgantown's Premier PRIVATE Escape Room. Never Play With Strangers. It's Just Your Group in the Room.

Length: 60 MInutes

Price: $30 Per Person

Difficulty: 3/5

Players: 2-8



You along with your friends are touring the city. You stumble into the wrong part of town and find yourself in the middle of an armed robbery of a local convience store. In a panic, the criminals have taken your group hostage and are holding you in their local hideout. Your prison is a music studio front for their criminal activity. They have divided you into two groups and you must work together to reunite and escape before the thugs come back. You have 60 minutes. 

About Gameplay:


1. Game Type: Manual locks and Keys.

2. This is our best game for those who have never played an escape room before.

3. This game is extremely fun to play. From the super cool start to the intense finale, you will be immersed for the entire game.

4. Enjoy the atmosphere of this one. It has a cool music studio vibe as the records keep playing.

5. Adults should accompany minors.

6. This game is not scary and is great for all ages.


NOTE TO TRAVELING ENTHUSIASTS: This game is a remix of the N.E.R.D game “Helter Skelter” and our own in house production. The game contains 35% unique in house content. But if you have played this game elsewhere, 65% of its elements will be the same.

Game Trailer: