Corporate Packages

Choose XSCAPE! for your next corporate event!


XSCAPE! Team Building Workshops and programs


  • Develops problem solving skills by engaging teams to work together and think rationally and strategically in order to handle real emergent situations in the work place


  • Offers a fun platform to improve communication and boost morale between coworkers


  • Offers strategic and interactive opportunities that ignite creativity and ideas


  • Motivates employees to express their ideas with confidence and accept new challenges


  • Builds ability to meet deadlines as the pressure of the clock ticks and tension mounts

Option #1...Your team comes to us



  • Come and play any or all of our games. 


  • Make reservations during our non open hours so that you have the facility to yourself


  • If wanted, we can have an indepth recap with each of your teams to discuss how the teamed performed with communication, teamwork and leadership skills in mind.


  • Cost is by room.  Each room holds up to 8 people.  currently we can hold up to 24 people at a time.  Cost for 1 room: $216. -- Cost for 2 rooms:  $432. -- Cost for 3 rooms: $712


  • Payment is due at time of booking and can not be refunded.
  • Total time alloted for this is 2 hrs.

Option #2...We come to you

  • We bring our table top game to your facility. Any conference room with tables will work pefectly for the game.

  • We come during your normal business hours.

  • We start by demonstration how to play an escape room and the skills your team will need to be successful.
  • Next the game is played. Each game can be played by up to 8 players. We currently can accomodate 160 players at once. (if more is needed, please give us plenty of advance warning and we will make more table top games)
  • After the game we sit down and recap the game with each team to discuss how the skills used by the team can benefit them in the workplace.

  • Cost is by number of participants.  $35 per person. A minimum of 15 participants is required to make a reservation.

  • Payment is due at time of reservation and can not be refunded.
  • Total alloted time for this is 2 hrs.