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Four Great Games To Choose From!


What Adventure Awaits You?

Do you want to catch a criminal from the past? Check!

Do you want to explore and escape an ancient Egyptian tomb? Check!

Do you want to find loads of hidden cash in a condo? Check!

Do you want to escape your kidnappers before they come back? Check!


Still can't decide? Click below for more information about our games.

* If a game is marked "Possibly Available" please call to book. Availability will depend on if a Game Master is on site to run the game. All games booked at least 1 hr in advance are assured a game master will be available.

Come Discover One of the COOLEST Places in Morgantown!

Our lobby...Where you can chill and take pictures.

One of our Pregame Rooms. Here the fun starts.

Tips are given on how to play an Escape room.

XSCAPE! Alley. Where several of our games are located.