Special Announcement For the Protection of Our Customers:


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, XSCAPE! has determined for the safety of all our customers and employees to temporarily shut down our operations. We will be monitoring the situation and will be closed until local authorities deem it appropriate to reopen.


For those who have games scheduled already, we will be contacting you soon and offering vouchers or refunds.


We hope all of you remain safe as we strive to follow one of the greatest commandments ever given, namely that we must show love for our neighbor.





90 Minutes

Minimum 4 Players

Maximum 8 Players


60 Minutes

Maximum 8 Players


60 Minutes

Maximum 8 Players

Easily check our schedule below. All games must be booked online. At 1 hr before game start time, the game will drop off the schedule and no longer be available to book into.

We are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings.

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Our lobby...Where you can chill and take pictures.

Pregame Room. Here the fun starts. Tips are given on how to play an Escape room.

XSCAPE! Alley. Where several of our games are located.

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