Welcome to Morgantown's Premier Escape Room!

If there is one thing the last few years has taught us, it is families and friends need their space! That is why you will NEVER have a group of people you do not know be allowed to join your room. So gather your friends and all of your family because you have the room all to yourselves to enjoy. We currently offer four great rooms to choose from. To learn more about our games click on the link below.

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Ready to Come Play?


Here are a few things to consider before purchasing tickets:

GROUP SIZE:  Group size is huge when determining whether or not you will be successful (see chart). Escape rooms are definitely geared toward larger groups as they are designed for 6-8 players. So if your current group is on the small side, grab some friends or recruit some family members for the best possible chance at escaping.

DINNER: Going to dinner is awesome in conjunction with an escape room. But we recommend going to dinner AFTER you play. This will make sure you get to the escape room on time for your game as well as give you plenty to chat about after the game is over.

Come Discover One of the COOLEST Places in Morgantown!

Our lobby...Where you can chill and take pictures.

One of our Pregame Rooms. Here the fun starts.

Tips are given on how to play an Escape room.

XSCAPE! Alley. Where several of our games are located.